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My first paintings this year were 1 - a demonstration of fight and not giving up 2 - dreaming and escaping reality so my prediction for next years art trends will be Punchy Uplift Art and Escape to Traditions.

'Escape' oil on canvas , 100x100cm

This painting happened quickly and naturally, brush strokes are rather fast and fresh. It seams impactful but up close it feels really gentle. I think that idea for this piece was unconscious. I had been reading a lot lately and my favourite bookmark is one from Victoria and Albert museum featuring design by W B Kilburn. I looked at it for so many night thinking that I wish I could see art and design in real life again, and be able to actually go to a museum..... or gallery....or theatre.... I can still go to my studio, so that is my escape and chicken soup for my soul.

'Checkmate' oil on canvas, 100x100cm This painting is an explosion of emotions, scream for a change and help in keeping fighting spirit. It seam to have that energising vibration that we all need now more than ever. And yet, I hope you will be able to find some peace looking at it, as well. Ideal piece of art for modern, bold interiors


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