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How to choose art for your home  - Add a sense of luxury with bold art.

Luxe rooms normally utilise bold hues, precious metals, reflective surfaces, exotic timbers, velvet, ornamentation, and silk or patterned fabrics.

With daring colour palettes, a luxe space usually demands a rush of colour, vitality and depth, a wider palette should go hand-in-hand with a keener eye for art.

Buy art you feel connected with, art that brings surprising emotions and you never want to part with ... Doing this will create a room that feels uniquely yours, and not store-bought.

A little tip from me – beautiful art piece deserves to be beautifully presented, so do not neglect the importance of a beautiful art frame. They lift and enhance you piece and give it that feel of elegance and respect.

One of the interior trends for 2020 is a colour referred as Sulking Pink, an intriguing mix that feels both down to earth as well as a little romantic. Its particularly elegant with opulent art pieces, it snugs and creates intimate spaces with enormous warmth. I chose it to be a perfect background to present this painting: ‘Glorious Summer ‘


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