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How to find affordable yet high quality fine art?

Art makes home. Our selection of framed fine art prints will add elegance and sophistication to your space that only true art disperse. We create ready to hang wall art that you can buy online straight from the artist.

Our Giclee prints are the highest quality and feel just like original artwork. They are framed by The Framing workshop of Glasgow- the place for the highest quality wooden frames in Scotland. Fine art framing is a unique craft and we wanted to partner up with only the best. Frames are solid wood, with gold and silver accent slip and protected by glass. They are made individually to suit every artwork and complement it in the best way. These maximalist framed art will enhance any classic, sophisticated home design and make any art connoisseur satisfied.

Buying original art can be a large investment and a big decision, and as an artist lead studio we understand it very well. Prices of original art are justified by experience and time they take to create, therefore we believe Giclee prints are a wonderful invention that will allow more art to be shown and appreciated.

As much as we will appreciate you buying art straight from the artist, living artist! – and celebrate high quality framing as a necessity for unique and elegant home décor.


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