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Interior Design Trends 2020

New Deco / Neo Deco

The new style of Art Deco gaining prominence in all areas of design .This modern reinvention of the classic Deco look of the early 20th century makes us, at More is More incredibly excited. Decorative patterns and shapes which display rounded shapes and curved lines offer an update on the geometric angular patterns that have dominated over the past few years. New Deco references the opulence and glamour of the original Art Deco era, but filtered through a modern sensibility with a fresh, playful and artisan style. Elements of bold colour (represented by ours artisan velvet cushions) are used contrasted with black and white deco geometrics to add visual interest. 

Artisanal Luxe 

Another one of our favorite trends, Artisanal Luxe, gaining phenomenal response in the interior design community . With a focus on individuality and hand-crafted products, Artisanal Luxe is an evolution of the natural aesthetic which has been gaining popularity in recent years, but with a richer, more sophisticated colour palette -we love rich sophisticated colours and patterns at More is More! The ‘Artisanal’ part of the trend reflects the opposite of tech-dominated, mass produced design, characterised by hand made details and reclaimed elements - All our designs are based on oil paintings by Karolina Franceschini.The ‘Luxe’ part of the trend offers a variety of textures and tones to add depth and contrast, helping to create a multi-dimensional space- which we achieve by highest quality print on velvet. Colours include warm gold tones as well as greens and browns, deep blues and purples while opulent deco patterns and textured finishes of oil paint evoke a sense of luxury.


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