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Interior design trends 2020: Artisan Chic

Artisan is the new Luxury; this trend is going strong for the past couple of years and it is here to stay!

Customer behaviour seams to go into a clear direction: experience is more valued than ownership. In design words: we would rather own less, but find comfort and meaning in bespoke, artistic, meaningful home pieces. We appreciate luxurious feel, good story behind the product and of course that one of the kind pieces that will become the focal point of any space.

With almost all trends we're seeing in 2019, simplistic and minimal is no more. Instead, embellished, hand-crafted and maximalist is on the rise.

Our artisan collections of cushions and prints are not shy. - I like to experiment with patterns, inspire by traditions of art nouveau and art deco but with the subtle modern twist. Latest collection celebrates intricate botanical shapes that will fit seamlessly into a contemporary space.


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