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What are 'Modern Classics' in interior design

As an artist as well as designer I had always had a soft spot for Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles in interiors, architecture and art. Yet I had spent years working as an interior designer for the most innovative, trend setting home furnishing company constantly looking for fresh solutions....

How could that work?

Mixing periods and styles makes it just more interesting for me, so those experiences naturally mould my own visual language - modern classic.

Best description I can think of for Modern Classic style is : traditional-meets-contemporary, a bit unexpected and

dramatic, elegant with a twist.

Principal characteristics of this style are:

- originate from European culture ( in my case, pattern designs are inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau)

- furniture is not very modern, but still trendy today

-balance between contemporary and traditional with colour as a main component (our patterns are maximalist, so if you would use them at home, I would recommend only one or two statement pieces)

-elegantly framed art pieces are necessity in this style. That's your element of classical sophistication. Mix traditional frames with modern art pieces for added interest. A collage of traditional and contemporary art would create a good balance as well

-keep contrast between colours, for example, dark furniture versus bright walls will always look sophisticated, but if you prefer dark furniture on dark walls - that would be modern classical drama that I love.


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