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Which on line gallery is the best ?

My own experience of selling art online is pretty amazing. I want to share it and show you that buying art online revolutionised the market and benefits artists and buyers. I work with Saatchiart, Atrfinder as well as The Artlink . All highly professional and definitely safe for customers, but they all have specific strengths.

I always believed that selling art online was the future, I had invested my time and risk my career to prove that it is the most convenient, intuitive and safe way to purchase art.

At the beginning I though pursuing a career in art is an unreachable goal .Even thought I was educated in the most prestigious Fine Art Academy, I doubted in myself and had no believe that anyone cares about my paintings. Art world after graduating seamed to be distant and untouchable, based on contacts and concepts- I did not belong there.

Yet, my path was decided for me. I kept meeting amazing people who encouraged my love for art and helped me developed my talent. It was my faith. But making a living from my art- that was a problem still to be solved. I had a little baby, mortgage and loads of other commitments. At that point chasing galleries, spending money on framing my work for exhibitions and curriers to move them from city to city was not an option.

I had signed with Saatchiart in 2014, thinking its a long shot. Days later I was featured in one of their editorial collections and shortly after sold first painting. Then I had started to work on my portfolio with Artfinder

It took a little time, but patience was rewarded. I was featured in their editors pics and sells followed shortly after.

Last year I was invited to join The Artlink, fully curated on line gallery.

This is my comparison of the three of them, based on my own experience.

Saatchi Art had been around for longest and they definitely know what they are doing. They curators are highly qualified, but also versatile. There is more artworks on their site, that you would have ever time to see, so it is worth it to browse through curated collections.

Customer service is spot on, Saatchiart also organises the carriers and makes sure artwork that is on the way to collector is properly insured.

Artfinder become one of the leading online galleries really quickly. They have a great knowledge of recent trends and customer preferences. Recently, they become more selective in choosing artist for the platform, which means you will not get too overwhelm with the choice plus standards are kept consistently high.

The Artling is in my opinion the most exclusive and every piece of art available is carefully selected. Standards are being kept really high and this platform will give you the most luxurious experience. Art consultant are also available and this service is included.

Happy collecting !


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