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Unique cushion design for maximalist home décor.

‘More is more and less is a bore’

Iris Apfel

This very famous phrase resonated with me for years and eventually helped me set up my dream brand.

Iris Apfel is an influential woman and her maximalist style had been an inspiration for my whole life style, my interior design, fashion and my art.

More is More felt like THE NAME, as it reflects my style and my soul.

Everything starts with Art. Being educated in the Fine Art Academy in Fine Painting an Interior Design, I always had the ‘proper ‘ understanding and admiration for anything beautiful but It was after moving to Scotland where my artistic style really matured. I‘ve met some incredible Scottish painters on the way, fell in love with Scottish architects and embrace my passion for wild, dramatic outdoors.

All those influences made my art really eclectic, rich and my own.

I was lucky enough to be friends with people of the art world and visit many artist houses. Filled with art, filled with soul. So vibrant and, most importantly, interesting.

Maximalist style is what makes it all interesting. It is all about personality, uniqueness and making your home alive.

Maximalism for me is not only being adventurous in patterns, textures or colours- it is about creatively mixing styles and influences. My art and textiles combine modern botanical and organic forms with art deco patterns and art nouveau fluidity and it is an approach I want to share.


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